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Digital Identity
that works for you

Your Hyperreal® Digital Identity provides scalable, unlimited potential for monetization and IP control across all digital ecosystems as your one true likeness.

Trusted partnerships

Paul McCartney HyperModel Hyperreal _edited.png

Creators can now own their Digital Identity in the form of an interoperable Avatar

For the purpose of limitless use and licensing across any media or screen and digital ecosystem to unlock Infinite LTV and scalable monetization opportunities

Paul McCartney HyperModel used for illustration purposes


One asset

New Copyrighted HyperModel® asset built from Authentic  DIGITAL DNA 

Recurring license fees

Copyrighted IP is ready to deploy as scalable content across digital ecosystems

Many uses

Premium content publication provides derivative IP monetization

Reuse Flywheel

Content is returned to the Vault platform for infinite re-usable opportunities and configurations

The platform for management and monetization of Digital Identity assets

Secure and Trusted

Blockchain traceability and Smart Contract Licensing provide open and transparent accountability for talent monetization. 

Identity Portal and Management Tools

Creators can license their one true identity through the Vault platform as an interoperable asset that can perform from Film to Fortnite, Roblox to ticketed immersive location based events.

Content Creator Portal and Animation Tools

Simplified content creator ecosystem with universal plug-in architecture featuring an SDK suite for digital ecosystem integrations.

The opportunity and landscape for creators 

$527 Billion

Forecast of the global digital human avatar market by 2030

$5 Trillion

Forecast for virtual spending by 2030

An interoperable avatar identity will be the centerpiece of digital spending in virtual marketplaces

Over 15% of all corporate revenue is expected to come from the metaverse in the next 5 years

The future of the internet will seamlessly combine digital and physical lives

50% of live events will be in the metaverse

79% of consumers active on the metaverse have made a purchase



Hyperreal® avatars are called HyperModels®.


HyperModels are the Authentic Digital Identity which unlocks an infinite number of  applications and licensing opportunities.

Madison Beer's HyperModel as seen in real-time in Unreal Engine, used for illustration purposes

Digital DNA is your authentic source code 

Hyperreal® has unparalleled experience as global innovation leaders in architecting the most precise and exact Digital DNA.


Born out of decades of advancement in human digitizing technologies, our innovation is patent pending. Machine learning will scale the process. 

Digital DNA

Estates and NIL rights holders now have a licensable asset to provide digital performance opportunities increasing LTV 

The Notorious BIG HyperModel used for illustration purposes

Global brand leader in premium content for the world's most recognized creators