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Executive Summary

We started with groundbreaking leadership that has disrupted the animation industry and pioneered the business of digital humans in top grossing feature films and best selling video games with achievements recognized by the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences, The Advanced Imaging Society and the Visual Effects Society.

We have set the standards, built the pipelines, created a workforce and exceeded expectations of the most demanding directors and producers time and again.

Next we brought on an executive team of seasoned business professionals with backgrounds running international businesses and designing innovations for industry leading technology and media companies with global impact, reach and connectivity.


Our purpose and singular vision is to build the next generation platform and business for the digital identity sector with the broadest set of interoperable capabilities and highest quality assets. 

First we've developed the infrastructure and business for A-List creators and talent, next B2B SaaS with synthetic corporate digital Identities and finally our B2C SaaS line of customizable cross platform identities for everyone. 

Now we're focused on growth.


Unlimited control and unlimited potential in emerging and existing new media ecosystems and platforms.


Welcome to the authentic Hyperreal® future.

Global leadership in premium content for the world's most recognized creators  


Remington Scott

Founder / CEO / Chief Architect 

Mr. Scott is a digital entertainment visionary. Known for his work on blockbuster films and best selling video games as well as immersive experiences and intellectual property, Scott was named to The Wrap’s 2022 “Innovators List” for, among other efforts, “giving the Metaverse a soul.”  

With over three decades of experience, Remington Scott is widely celebrated in Hollywood for his innovations in virtual production. He helped bring Gollum and Smeagol to life for Peter Jackson’s The Lord Of The Rings trilogy; created photo-real digital humans for the Academy Award-winning VFX for Spider-Man 2; and the first-ever hyperrealistic motion captured theatrical feature film, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. His legacy has impacted how filmmakers bring digital humans to life. 

Powering ownership, control, protection and monetization of virtual identity at scale across digital ecosystems


Doyal Bryant
EVP Channels & Strategic Partnerships


Board of Directors

Mr. Bryant leads the development and growth of Hyperreal’s partnerships and business development.

Experience includes CEO of 2 Nasdaq companies, start ups, venture capital, investment banking and consulting with over 25 years proven track record in dynamic leadership positions.


Sergi Sagas

EVP Innovation / WEB 3 


Board of Directors


Mr. Sagas is currently leading Hyperreal’s growth in Web3 as the architect of a multi-million dollar grant from Hedera, the largest enterprise blockchain, on our first B2C platform.


Experience includes leading technology development for the European Commission, Senior positions at Disney and Sony, and Director of Innovation and Creative Technologies at MediaPro.


Tim Coleman

VP Digital Human Studio



Mr. Coleman leads the development of evolving technology for highly-detailed, performance ready, photoreal digital humans know as HyperModels®


Experience includes leadership at George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic, Sony Picture Imageworks and Magic Leap.


Robert Wolf

Experience includes Chairman and CEO of UBS, President and COO of UBS Investment Bank.


Jaeson Ma

Experience includes Founding EST Holdings, East West Ventures, Goldwater Capital, 88Rising and Stampede. CEO of Op3n and Advisor to Triller.


David Levy

Experience includes President of Turner Networks and Senior Advisor to the Raine Group.


Archi Kong

Experience includes Head of Innovation, Strategic Investments and Partnerships at CJ America, Lenovo, Samsung, and LG.


Bill Campbell

Experience includes SVP Sony Global Digital Business, SVP Digital Business Universal Music Group, Advisor to TikTok, Vimeo, SoundCloud, ByteDance, Spotify.


Ryan Schinman

Experience includes founder of Mayflower Entertainment, CMO Worldwide Sports & Ent. 

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World Class Platform for Digital Identity

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