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HyperModels empower A-list talent and A-list brands with a digital asset that enables them to maximize their value in the world of virtual appearances and virtual commerce.

hyper performance

The HyperModel is ready to perform in ways you never knew possible. Connect with the largest growing audience of todays fans and future generations in immersive entertainment.

hyper difference

The HyperModel is a bespoke one-of-a-kind digital asset engineered from Talent's exclusive digital DNA. Hyperreal's proprietary 'Fluid' technology evolves the HyperModel over time.

invitation only

The HyperModel is the key to exclusive membership on the platform where past, present and future Icons are controlling the next generation of entertainment on the Metaverse.


Make a Statement in the Metaverse


Immersive Music

How we consume music is changing.


Sony's new Immersive Music division starred Hyperreal's HyperModel of Epic recording artist Madison Beer in a flagship virtual concert which aired on TikTok and was sponsored by Verizon. The performance can also be experienced in roomscale VR and mobile AR.


 In a concert that took place in the Fortnite video game over 12mn viewers watched Travis Scott's avatar perform a 15 minute set.  

Events such as this are leading the way for musicians to digitize themselves at their peak so as to be able to engage with a global technology audience and strengthen connection, increase brand awareness and boost sales. 


“We should capture all the people of consequence in the world. Once we capture it, we can enjoy it in ever increasing fidelity as computer graphics advances.”


- Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO Nvidia


Dwayne Johnson and Will Smith, among many others, year after year, have had several digital double avatars built of themselves for single production use purposes. Actors have expressed interest in owning their own avatar for obvious reasons including additional opportunities across immersive media, insurance to producers and legacy for their families.


“It's about allowing actors to transform and empowering them to be as creative as they want to be ...There is a new set of possibilities....”


- James Cameron


Actors have led their voices to animated characters in film since the first talkies, but only in the past two decades have actors digitized themselves into 3D computer generated avatars. Audiences respond with their wallets: the top grossing feature films of all time now have at least one central character who is a completely digital avatar.


Studios have been using computers to re-touch actors faces for almost 2 decades without the audience knowing. Now studios are using de-aging computer imaging to completely replace the face of the actor with a synthetic version that is seamlessly integrated without affecting the performance. 

“...we’ve got to put the player inside the experience, where no matter where you look you’re surrounded by a three-dimensional experience. That’s the future.”


-Steven Spielberg


Video games

The $138Bn video game industry has increased revenue 13% year-over-year. The stars of the highest grossing triple-A games are 3D computer generated avatars.


Epic’s free-to-play game, Fortnight, grossed over $9Bn in it's first two years with the lions share of revenue coming from in-game purchases of ‘skins’ or avatars. PUBG is similar to Fortnight with over 400Mn players with an infrastructure of in-game avatar purchases as well. Players have paid upwards of $1Mn per avatar, as was the case in the game Justice Online.

Sony and Microsoft are now selling the next generation ray-tracing gaming platforms that will fuel a new level of quality for interactive digital humans.

“The big game of the next five years will be a game where you empathize very strongly with the characters.”


- George Lucas





The HYPERION class of HYPERMODEL represents HYPERREAL's innovation and leadership towards the achievement of bringing to life the highest fidelity digital humans. 

HYPERREAL strives for excellence on behalf of our talent partners and global leaders in entertainment.



Avatars are now possible of communicating such depth of emotion that an Artificial Intelligence industry called Virtual Beings, using video game technology avatars as the ‘face’ of this new business, is set to disrupt consumer service industries from banking to hotel reception to baristas to care providers and many more.

FN Meka is an AI-powered robotic rapper with over 9M followers on Tik Tok. 

The future of Metaverse entertainment for Creators is the


“Madison Beer is raising the bar of what’s possible in a virtual concert performance and we couldn’t be more excited. With this cutting-edge collaboration of music and technology, Madison has brought her innovative vision to life in a unique way while taking it to new heights. This is another example of Epic’s commitment to empower our artists with groundbreaking opportunities to expand their creative options and engage fans through immersive experiences.”

Sylvia Rhone

Chairwoman and CEO

Epic Records

“New technologies only become real for consumers through groundbreaking performances like this one. Madison Beer is one of the most exciting young performers today, and her willingness to disrupt is a glimpse into the future of creativity and engagement in music. As interactive performances continue to evolve, Madison Beer and Sony will stand as a milestone in the development of new, immersive experiences for consumers, powered by Verizon.”

Erin McPherson 

Head of Consumer Content and Partnerships


“Virtual Concerts utilizing video game engines are the new venue to transform how music artists are now able to connect to over 2 billion gamers."


Remington Scott

CEO and Chief Architect


“The process of putting this performance together is like nothing I’ve ever done before. I love creating visuals, so it was really exciting for me to get involved in the process and make something special for my fans."


Madison Beer

Epic Recording Artist

“This is a forward-looking, incredibly lifelike experience that brings a new dimension to Madison’s artistry and highlights the capabilities of these innovative formats which bring fans closer to the music than ever before.”

Dennis Kooker

President, Global Digital Business and U.S. Sales 

Sony Music Entertainment

“We were able to take the latest technology, push it to the Max [and] deliver an element of realism not only [with] Madison, the venue she performed, in the great Sony Hall and the effects, but then layer some fantastical elements...

...To be able to use technology to take that experience a little bit further but without losing the intimacy in the realism of performance was one of the magical things that happened here.”

Brad Spahr

Head of Sony Immersive Music Studios

Creation. Deployment. Monetization.

Protection. Digital Rights Management. Technology Upgrades. Archive.

Hyperreal is the single source for servicing our clients with HyperModels




The HyperModel service includes design, development, maintenance, protections and upgrades for our clients.

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