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The worlds first platform and marketplace for management and monetization of Digital Identity assets



Hyperreal® powers ownership, control, protection, and monetization of digital identity at scale across virtual ecosystems through blockchain encryption and the industry leading vault platform

 Hyperreal® is solving problems for the next big thing

New Digital Ecosystems are not interoperable and create a patchwork of dispersed ‘identities’ for each platform

Digital environments are quickly accelerating toward hyperrealistic capabilities creating a need to transition from caricature avatars to photorealistic identities

Celebrities likenesses are being used in unapproved AI-driven promotions (Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Elon Musk, Bruce Willis).

Generative AI (StyleGAN, DeepFake, etc) are using unapproved copyrighted training models

Identity Portal and Management Tools

Creators can license their one true identity through the Vault platform as an interoperable asset that can perform from Film to Fortnite, Roblox to ticketed immersive location based events.

Secure and Trusted

Blockchain traceability and Smart Contract Licensing provide open and transparent accountability for talent monetization. 

Content Creator Portal and Animation Tools

Simplified content creator ecosystem with universal plug-in architecture featuring an SDK suite for digital ecosystem integrations.

Transforming the way global digital human content is monetized and scales through the Hyperreal® Vault platform

One asset

New Copyrighted HyperModel® asset created from Authentic DIGITAL DNA 

Recurring license fees

Copyrighted IP is ready to deploy as scalable content across digital ecosystems

Many uses

Premium content publication provides derivative IP monetization

Reuse Flywheel

Content is returned to the Vault platform for infinite re-usable opportunities and configurations

The Hyperreal® Vault platform powers the next generation of synthetic content creator ecosystems  

HyperVault by Hyperreal® digital identity digital humans AI generative synthetic.jpg

Hyperreal® Authenticated AI

Copyrighted and Licensable ML + AI training data

Conversational AI
Generative AI

Integration of leading commercial systems in a universal plugin architecture powering digital human performances across all ranges of production and services

Apply for registration in the authentic Hyperreal® Technology Ecosystem

Internationally approved and registered partner / development content studios building the future of Hyperreal® digital entertainment

Apply for registration in the Hyperreal® Authorized Content Studio ecosystem

Hyperreal®  Content Creators Welcome!


Hyperreal® Platform Features


Synthesized dimensional performance spaces which are streamed to any device providing Hyperrealistic virtual worlds


Powered by Nvidia


Virtual performance Hyperspaces for talent marketing, advertising and monetization as always-on dimensionalized social media 


Copyrighted digital twin built from Digital DNA allowing for true digital identity ownership


Web3 gamified blockchain platform for fans to engage with talent  across social and metaverse environments while building value and rewards

The opportunity and landscape for creators 

$527 Billion

Forecast of the global digital human avatar market by 2030

- Emergen Research

$5 Trillion

Forecast for virtual spending by 2030

- McKinsey

We believe the authentic Hyperreal® interoperable synthetic twin identity will be the centerpiece of digital spending in virtual marketplaces

Over 15% of all corporate revenue is expected to come from the metaverse in the next 5 years

- McKinsey

The future of the internet will seamlessly combine digital and physical lives

- McKinsey

50% of live events will be in the metaverse

- McKinsey

79% of consumers active on the metaverse have made a purchase

- McKinsey

Hyperreal® Digital DNA is authentic signature source code that is reusable, licensable and copyrightable

Hyperreal® has unparalleled experience as global innovation leaders in architecting the most precise and exact Digital DNA.


Born out of decades of advancement in human digitizing technologies, our innovation is patent pending. Machine learning will scale the process. 

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