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Authentic Hyperreal® 
Digital Identity
that works for you

Your Hyperreal® Digital Identity provides scalable, unlimited potential for monetization and IP control across all digital ecosystems as your one true likeness.

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Hyperreal® empowers creators to own, copyright, and monetize their Digital Identity

For the purpose of limitless use and licensing across any media or screen and digital ecosystem to unlock Infinite LTV and scalable monetization opportunities

Paul McCartney HyperModel® used for illustration purposes

 Hyperreal® is solving problems for the next big thing

New Digital Ecosystems are not interoperable and create a patchwork of dispersed ‘identities’ for each platform

Digital environments are quickly accelerating toward hyperrealistic capabilities creating a need to transition from caricature avatars to photorealistic identities

Celebrities likenesses are being used in unapproved AI-driven promotions (Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Elon Musk, Bruce Willis).

Generative AI (StyleGAN, DeepFake, etc) are using unapproved copyrighted training models

Hyperreal® powers ownership, control, protection, and monetization of digital identity at scale across virtual ecosystems through blockchain encryption and the industry leading vault platform

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The worlds first platform and marketplace for management and monetization of Digital Identity assets