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The Vault & Marketplace For All Digital Identity DNA

Building the future of ownership, control, performance and monetization of identity across digital ecosystems

The HyperVault marketplace platform opens opportunities for monetization of digital identity at scale across virtual ecosystems, user generated content, and Generative Ai in an authorized, verified and controlled process on ledger through blockchain encryption.

Within ten years the majority of talent will have digital replicas working for them.
Hyperreal® is providing the marketplace where 100% of the world will have access to the top 1% of talent.


Forecast of the global digital human avatar market by 2030

- Emergen Research


Forecast for virtual spending by 2030

- McKinsey

The opportunity and landscape for talent, agencies, IP holders, estates, and creators 

Hyperreal® is transforming the way global digital human engagement and content is monetized and scales.

The Vault platform is a talent first solution that powers reusable digital performances which can be ethically licensed and verified for monetization and scalability on blockchain. 

HyperVault frm7.png

World wide content creators can now ethically develop opportunities for top talent across Ai ecosystems. 

Identity Portal and Management Tools

Creators can license their one true identity through the Vault platform as an interoperable asset that can perform from Film to Fortnite, Roblox to ticketed immersive location based events.

Secure and Trusted

Blockchain traceability and Smart Contract Licensing provide open and transparent accountability for talent monetization. 

Content Creator Portal and Animation Tools

Simplified content creator ecosystem with universal plug-in architecture featuring an SDK suite for digital ecosystem integrations.

Eco-Friendly Ledger

Certified Users

Multilingual Functionality

Interoperable Across All Digital Ecosystems

Reusable Digital DNA Provides Scalable Revenue Streams

Ai Source Code

Expanding Market

Capitalizing on the growing demand for virtual production content.

Strategic Partnerships

Key entertainment industry partnerships.

Industry Approved

Relationships with agencies, talent, IP rights companies and executives. 

Talent First

Talent and estate owned Mezzanine Digital DNA assets.

Content creators welcome

Integration of Ai systems in a universal plugin architecture powering digital human performances across all ranges of virtual production.

Apply for registration in the authentic Hyperreal® Technology Ecosystem

Internationally certified development content studios building the future of digital entertainment.

Apply for registration in the Hyperreal® Authorized Content Studio ecosystem

 Hyperreal® is solving problems for the next big thing

New Digital Ecosystems are not interoperable and create a patchwork of dispersed ‘identities’ for each platform.

Digital environments are quickly accelerating toward hyperrealistic capabilities creating a need to transition from caricature avatars to photorealistic identities.

Celebrities likenesses are being used in unapproved AI-driven promotions (Tom Cruise, Taylor Swift, Tom Hanks, Mr. Beast, Leonardo DiCaprio, Elon Musk, Bruce Willis, etc).

Generative AI (StyleGAN, DeepFake, etc) are using unapproved copyrighted training models.

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