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"We're standing at the precipice of a new era in entertainment, one filled with unparalleled opportunities," says Remington Scott, CEO of HYPERREAL®. "The future of entertainment is here, starting with the HYPERREAL® Digital DNA HyperVault™ (Patent Pending). Join the visionaries embracing this new age and redefining what being a star in virtual ecosystems means."

The rise of AI has opened up a world of possibilities for engaging with audiences, monetizing virtualized performances, and scaling digital identity presence like never before.

"By securing digital identity with HYPERREAL®, you're not just protecting your assets, you're empowering immersive experiences, interactive content, and AI-driven engagement that truly represents authenticity and control," states Sergi Sagas, Chief Innovation Officer at HYPERREAL®. "It's a secure platform to own, operate, authenticate, and control your digital human assets, giving you the power to shape your virtual presence."

That's where HYPERREAL® comes in. Our registered and authenticated Digital DNA Vault is the key to unlocking the full potential of emotion in motion, charisma, and style in the digital realm.

"With HYPERREAL®, the possibilities are limitless. Imagine seamlessly integrating your virtual presence across AI ecosystems, reaching new audiences, and creating unforgettable moments," says Doyal Bryant, EVP of Strategic Partnerships at HYPERREAL®. "It's not just about monetizing your talent; it's about revolutionizing how you engage with your audience, all while maintaining your brand integrity."

Take the first step towards unleashing your potential and securing your legacy. The possibilities are endless, and it all begins with HYPERREAL®.

🔗 Discover how HYPERREAL® can help you thrive in the new era of entertainment:

ABOUT: The HYPERREAL® founders include leadership from Weta Digital, ILM, Sony Imageworks, Activision, and Disney. Their achievements have been recognized by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, The Visual Effects Society, and The Advanced Imaging Society.


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